Dailyhunt UWP app for Windows 10: Now on PC, Tablet & Mobile

Dailyhunt, the first multilingual app on the Windows 10 platform, that provides content in 14 Indian languages just got upgraded to a whole new level of awesome! And yes, we may end up bragging a little.

First off, the Dailyhunt UWP app is engineered to provide you a great reading experience on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile! You can check it out here.

These are some of the key features introduced in our latest update.

  • Dailyhunt on Mobile: Get it from the Windows Store!
  • Dark Theme: Give your eyes that extra comfort by switching to the new Dark theme on Dailyhunt. We have painstakingly picked the colours for the interface keeping in mind, aesthetics, as well as readability.
  • eBook Reader: A comprehensive eBook reader for all the books in your Dailyhunt library. Fully featured with bookmarks, font settings and dark theme (we won’t let you forget about this one). You can also pin your favourite books to start menu.
  • Deeplinks: Links to Dailyhunt content from other apps and browser can now be opened in the app (if installed of-course) for a better, distraction free experience.
  • Cortana: Speak up! It took us some time but we made Dailyhunt very obedient to voice commands. Try saying, “Dailyhunt show latest headlines” and our app will pop a list of news stories based on your language preference up front.

Did you know we also have an army of elves working on the app day and night? Our team is working continuously to make your app experience better by the update, be it new features or under the hood improvements – tightening screws and fixing stuff here and there. We continue to squash bugs, while also finding ways to improve performance and keep everything up and running.

A gigantic THANK YOU to our Users for their support and great reviews (yes, they matter). Keep the love coming and we will return the favour, always.

Team Dailyhunt


P.S. If you haven’t tried Dailyhunt yet, you are missing out on something awesome! Get it here.


Dailyhunt on Desktop: Download now for Windows 10


Dailyhunt serves millions of users daily, and our mission has never changed: to make it easier for people to enjoy the best content in their language, on any device.

With that in mind, we are proud to announce the Dailyhunt Desktop News App for Windows 10!

The Dailyhunt Universal Windows App is now available for download on Windows 10 desktops in an avatar not seen before. Read news and content in English and 14 Indian languages and from 600+ different sources. News, blogs, photo galleries and videos, are all available to you in an easy to use, full screen experience.


Click to download the Dailyhunt app for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store

Your experience on the Dailyhunt Desktop app for Windows 10 is personalized through a recommended news stream that learns from your reading behavior and suggests content that will enjoy reading.

Customize your app by choosing topics that interest you and in the order that you want. Add trending topics to your list and follow the latest news and read the latest content.

Want to use the app in your own language? You can change the entire app to function in your favorite language.

Bookmark stories that you wish to read later and find them all in one single screen in the Saved Stories section.

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for the Dailyhunt Desktop App. Send us your thoughts via the Feedback form (Settings > Feedback) or drop us a line at YourFriends@Dailyhunt.in.

Coming soon for Dailyhunt UWP: Windows 10 Mobile App, Dailyhunt Books & Dailyhunt Buzz!

Click here to download the Dailyhunt UWP Desktop App from the Windows Store.

Announcing Buzz

We know you need a break. You need a smile, and a moment to wind down from your busy schedule.

When you update Dailyhunt today, you’ll see a new section: Buzz, the best of trending videos, funny pics, images and memes on the internet.


Buzz helps you find short form content – from funny videos to how-tos to entertaining clips to cute animals. Today most of this section is curated by Dailyhunt team with some help from our partners. We are working to quickly expand this and to let you share such content directly on Dailyhunt.

Speaking of sharing – we know you would like to express more, and with buzz we have made it easier for you to share your reaction to the buzz posts through emojis, and start conversations through comments.

screenshot_20160926-175137This is also an effort to mix our current product of a serious news app with lightweight-entertaining-content to grow Dailyhunt in becoming “the daily opened app” for local language content in all forms.

Get your updated version now for Android. Updates for iPhone/iPad & Windows phone are coming soon.

As always, we learn more from you than any other source. Please keep writing us your suggestions on how to make Dailyhunt better.


Keep buzzing!

Why use old when new is better?

It’s time for change!


The Newshunt app has changed and the new upgraded version Dailyhunt is nothing less than a treat for readers! If you are ready to try the new version, click here and upgrade now. Why, you ask? Because the moment you upgrade from Newshunt to Dailyhunt, you open up a world of new features.

  • More than 13 languages to read: Dailyhunt has been updated with 15 languages now in which news and books are available for reading. Starting from the news section, you can mark your favourite topics or newspapers and get instant alerts about new posts or articles.
  • Save articles you want to read: You can save articles that you like and read them later without having to search for them. Many new newspapers have been added to the app, which are regularly updated with new content.
  • Add to cart feature for books: Book lovers are in for a veritable treat! The books section now has an ‘Add to Cart’ feature which allows you to keep adding books as and when you come across them and buy them later in one go.
  • Extra discount on books in cart: Another advantage of the cart is the extra 20% discount you get when you buy books through it. Now who wouldn’t like to save something extra? Also buying all your favourite books in one go is better than having to buy each of them individually, which is what Newshunt users have to currently do. If you’re convinced, click here to upgrade to Dailyhunt or keep reading on.
  • Sort and filter to find the right book: Another feature that makes searching for your favourite books easy is the sort filter through which you can filter a collection and get results based on your preferences such as new books, price low to high etc.
  • Pay per Chapter: If you are skeptical about buying a book, then we suggest you don’t. Instead buy just the first few chapters and start reading. Yes! Chapter wise billing is now possible with the upgraded Dailyhunt app.
  • Share books with friends: Once you finish a book and you feel that everyone should read this, you can like it and share it with your friends on social media or mail or WhatsApp.
  • Permanently delete books from library: You will also be glad to know that you can now delete a book permanently from your library which is a feature still not available for Newshunt users. Click here to upgrade to the latest version of the Dailyhunt app.
  • Never miss alerts with notification inbox: The Dailyhunt app also has a notification inbox where all your alerts and notifications get stored. So you will not miss any alerts about breaking news or about a mega discount sale.

The new features in Dailyhunt will make you fall in love with this app. Whether you choose this destination for books or news you will want to keep coming back. So why delay happiness by sticking to the older version. Upgrade now by clicking here. Trust us, this change is good!

Why science says you should read books!


It is no secret that reading books is a good habit and now it has been scientifically proven that book readers have a lot of advantages over those who do not read.

The one obvious reason is that the more you read the more you evolve into a better person. This is regardless of the genre that you might prefer. Even a fiction reader gets inspired by the characters he reads about in a book. A research, for example, has shown that people who read fiction are more empathetic than others. Researchers compared the brains of people after they finished reading to those who did not and it was found that readers had a higher level of brain activity, specifically in the central sulcus of the brain which helps visualize movement.

Reading also improves your social skills and this was proved by a study published in the journal of Science. It was found that people who read literary fiction performed better on social skill tests than those who did not read. Reading is also good for your relationships. Apart from the fact that readers get inspired from the stories they read, reading a book is a great way to start conversations with your partner which paves the way for better communication.

Science has also shown that reading can prevent Alzheimer’s. In 2001, under a study conducted by Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 193 people were questioned about their participation in 26 different hobbies. They found that elderly people who regularly read were two and a half times less likely to have Alzheimer’s.

There is of course the basic benefit of reading which is relaxing and de-stressing. Reading books, magazines or comics is a great way to relax because you get disconnected from reality for a while. Stress levels have dropped by 68% for readers, which is higher than even listening to music or having a cup of tea and coffee.

So, pick up a book now and start reading!

ज्योतिष विज्ञान

ज्योतिष क्या है – अज्ञात को ज्ञात करने की विधा है। ज्योति अर्थात प्रकाश -जिसका कार्य अंधकार को समाप्त कर ,अदृश्य के दृश्य को दृष्ट बनाना।भविष्य के अँधेरे में छिपी घटनाओं को घटने से पूर्व ज्ञात करना।


ज्योतिष का आधार – सूर्य पूर्वांचल में आकर चादर हटा कर चराचर में चेतनता ,सक्रियता और जीवनदायनी प्रकाश चतुर्दिक श्रेष्ठता उपस्थिति से अवगत कराता है। सुदूर क्षितिज में साँझ ढले ,सूर्य के अस्ताचलगामी होने के बाद ,अँधेरे का कुहासा ,धरा पर काला शामियाना तन जाता है। अदृश्य कालिमा भरी स्याही फेल जाने के बाद चन्द्र, मंगल.बुध.शुक्र ग्रह.

ज्योतिष क्यों उपयोगी – जब आपको संभावित घटना क्रम का अनुमान होगा तो निश्चय ही उस घटनाजन्य दुखद ,कष्टप्रद .

क्षति पूर्ण ,मानसिक अवसाद , शारीरिक पीड़ादायी,कुपरिणामों से सुरक्षा एवं प्रतिकार के शशक्त उपाय भी किये जाना संभव है।

ज्योतिष अति प्राचीन एवं पराविज्ञान मानवीय कोतुहल का शास्त्र है। इसके संहिता गत बीज सूत्र अथर्वेद एवं अनेक ग्रंथों में हैं। संहिता शास्त्र 505 ईस्वी पूर्व -वराहमिहिर – बृहत संहिता से बहु प्रसिद्द हुआ।

महाभारत काल में श कुन ,अंग -फड़कना ,स्वप्न ,प्राकृतिक संकेत ,5 वर्ष में अधिक ज्योतिष तीन विधाओं मे (सिद्धांत ,संहिता ,होरा )है। अथर्वेद आदि अनेक ग्रंथों में इसकेमॉस उल्लेख है।

संहिता में मानव जीवन की समस्त समस्यायों एवं उनके निराकरण का विशद उल्लेख है। वास्तु ,मुहूर्त ,पशु ,पक्षी तथा मानव के शरीर,प्रकृति संकेत ,कृषि ,वर्षा ,आकाशीय लक्षण ,वृक्ष आदि की जानकारी विपुल तथ्यात्मक सटीक अनुभूत है।

ज्योतिष जीवन को सफल ,सुखद एवं समस्या के निराकरण या समाधान का श्रेष्ठ माध्यम है।

आकाशीय तारामंडलों पर आधारित गूढ़ ,गणितीय सिद्दांतों का शास्त्र है। या समाधान का श्रेष्ठ माध्यम है।

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers day

Did you know that Mother’s Day has been celebrated for over two hundred years now? The first time that celebration of this event was recorded in history was during the years before the American Civil War. Ann Reeves Jarvis of West Virginia started a group which was called Mother’s Day Work Club. The sole purpose of this group was to educate women about taking better care of their children. During the days of the Civil War these groups became a unifying force in a country that was still divided. The first official Mother’s Day was held in the year 1868, organized by Jarvis, at which mothers gathered with the Union and Confederate soldiers to promote reconciliation of the war.

In 1990, Ann Reeve Jarvis’ daughter Anna Jarvis conceived the first Mother’s Day in 1905 as a way to honor the sacrifices of mothers who gave up their lives for the sake of their children. In 1908 she got financial backing from a local store owner named John Wanamaker and organized the first official

Mother’s Day in Grafton, West Virginia in a Methodist church. That same day thousands of people attended this celebration.Since that day, Mother’s Day has been celebrated in various forms across the world. In The United States, it has been declared as a holiday. Many people give flowers and gifts to their mothers or giving their mothers a day off.

Whatever the reason be behind the celebration, we salute the spirit of mothers.

Save your only home – The Earth

We are so often busy with our lives, wants and needs that we forget to give a thought or two about our one and only home – The Earth. This Earth Day here are some five easy ways to protect the our planet from getting damaged further.



  1. Turn it off – Once you are done with using appliances, lights etc do not forget to switch them off immediately. More often than not we charge our phones and leave the switches on even though we are done. Small and simple everyday changes will help save quite a lot. Encourage others around you to do the same. Use minimal lights in the mornings, try to soak in the natural lighting which is is good for your body and health.
  2. Every drop counts – We very often take water for granted. This is one resource which keeps us and the planet alive. With the current water crisis in the country, we need to make sure less water is wasted by us. Rain water harvesting is one way in which everyone can conserve water. Also in your daily chores like washing utensils and clothes make sure the water consumption remains optimal.
  3. Plant a tree – Plant more trees around you. We are cribbing about the scorching heat every summer and the temperature is ever soaring! The reason for this is lack of greenery around us. Keep small plants in your balcony near your window, this will keep the air fresh as plants release carbon dioxide. What’s more? The greenery and colorful flowers will your day a positive start.
  4. Food waste: Wasting food has become like a trend. Always cook enough to fill your stomach and not the garbage bin. Keep in mind to use vegetables and fruits before they start rotting. Food scarcity is one the biggest crisis the world is facing. Liking Facebook posts with pictures of hungry children will not help, but this definitely will!
  5. Carpool/Ride a cycle – Have you ever seen those people who drive huge cars and they are the only ones in the car? Well these people might think they are definitely living the ‘life’, but they fail to understand they are adding to existing damage already done to the planet. Try your best to carpool and for short distances use bicycles. Cycling will help you stay fit and your fuel money gets saved too!  

डेली हंट क्रिकेट कांटेस्ट !

contestदोस्तों ,

अब डेलीहंट ऐप्प पर खबरें पढने का एक और शानदार कारण – Huawei Honor स्मार्ट फोन जीतने का सुनहरा  मौका !

जी हाँ,  इस समय जब क्रिकेट का दबदबा पूरे देश में जोर शोर से है, तो आप भी क्यूँ रहे पीछे ? भाग लें  डेलीहंट क्रिकेट कांटेस्ट में।  नीचे लिखे सरल से स्टेप्स पूरे करने पर आप बन सकते हैं वीकली विनर !

१. हमारे फेसबुक पेज को लाइक करें

२. हमें ट्विटर पर फॉलो करें

३. ऐप्प खोलें और खबरें पढ़ते समय कांटेस्ट की एड आने का इंतज़ार करें। ऐड आते ही क्लिक करें और क्रिकेट से सम्बंधित सवाल का जवाब दें

सही जवाब देने पर आपको साप्ताहिक लक्की ड्रा में शामिल किया जाएगा।  हर दिन एक नया सवाल।   हर सोमवार को विजेता घोषित किया जाएगा।   हर विजेता को मिलेगा Huawei Honor  स्मार्ट फ़ोन !

दो देर किस बात की, ऐप्प खोलें और खेलना शुरू करें


The Dailyhunt Cricket Contest !

image (1)

This summer, as the cricket fever soars high around the nation,  Dailyhunt brings to you an opportunity to win a smart phone –  a Huawei Honor phone!   Follow these few easy steps and you will be on your way to become the weekly winner –

  1. Like the Facebook page of Dailyhunt
  2. Follow Dailyhunt on Twitter
  3. Open the Dailyhunt app everyday. Look for the contest ad. Click the ad, answer the question.

Correct answers will make you eligible for the lucky winner draw that will happen every Monday. One new question every day through the week.

So keep an eye for the ad and show how well you know cricket !