eBooks now on NewsHunt

We excited to announce support for eBooks on NewsHunt, and proud bring together for the first time a collection of never before digitized Indian language eBooks to readers of Indian literature.

NewsHunt eBooks Home page

The e-books are currently available in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi & English from over 50 regional language publishers, with additional languages and books being added every day. These ebooks are available under the books section of NewsHunt app in readable text ebooks format(not images/pdfs). We have kept your bandwidth usage and small file size in mind and have optimized each book for best mobile experience.

Our catalog contains a mix of free and paid books from popular Indian authors such as Surender Mohan Pathak, Rajesh Kumar, Rashmi Bansal and Chetan Bhagat amongst others. Besides credit/debit cards, the books can also be purchased directly through your mobile operator and will be charged to your mobile balance.

NewsHunt eBook Reader

To provide a rich reading experience – our ebook reader supports ability to customize your reading experience by setting font sizes and background color.

The eBooks on NewsHunt is currently available on Android. It will be available on iPhone and Windows Mobile soon. Please install NewsHunt now and let us know what you think.

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