Namaste Nepal!


Dailyhunt has always striven to touch the hearts of readers of as many languages in as many countries as possible, thus erasing borders and connecting readers. We are thrilled to announce the addition of a Nepal edition on our app!

We are bringing five news providers including Nepali Headlines, Nepali Blogger, Online Khabar,  नेपाली हेडलाइंस , ऑन लाइन खबर Many more to come. Thus, the next time when you desire to read the latest announcements from Prime Minister Oli or check out the new artistic adventure of Shrestha and Acharya or simply find out what Rajesh Jamal is up to, look no further – just open your favorite app Dailyhunt !

We are always excited to hear from our readers. We would love to learn what more you want to read and how we can make the app more enjoyable for you. So please do not hesitate to write to


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