Lights, Colors and Bliss – Happy Diwali!


It’s that time of the year when our homes, the lanes and everything else is filled up with colors, lights and laughter. Diwali is a festival which is celebrated all over the country with fervor. Like always, we all deck up for the day, buy crackers in advance, keep a soda bottle ready to launch those rockets, decorate our homes with lights and of course how can we forget the mouth-watering food. This Diwali, Dailyhunt urges you to do something different from the usual, something unusual which will fill your heart with happiness.

Start off by donating. In our daily chores and routine, we often tend to forget about the less privileged. Festivals are great reminders of being selfless. Go ahead and choose your method of donating. It could be as simple as sponsoring a sumptuous meal on Diwali. You can also donate clothes, gifts and many other things as part of this practice.

We spend quite a lot on crackers and the joy we experience when we see our kids enjoying the lights and crackers is priceless. But have you ever thought about those who just get to watch and never get to experience these little joys? Celebrate Diwali with other little less privileged kids. When you see the happiness and smiles on their faces, your happiness will grow tenfold.

Today’s world is about being more absorbed in your own life and family. Make sure this Diwali you invite your relatives and friends over and have a good time with them. Remember, festivals are supposed to be bringing people closer and strengthen bonds.

When it comes to gifting, go for organic or reusable things. Rather than buying something which will never be used. Also try buying from organisations which help the less privileged, by doing so you are helping them and bringing joy into their lives as well. You can always give your loved ones intangible gifts as well. Avid readers can be given books. All you need to do is install the Dailyhunt app and download books for them.

Fill this festive season with joy and goodness. And don’t go slow on those sweets and snacks! Happy Diwali! May you be blessed with happiness and success in abundance.

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