Launching PayTM 100% Cashback Offer!

So the number of books you want to purchase from Dailyhunt is increasing and the thought of it is making your pocket feel light. Worry not! The PayTM 100% cashback offer allows you to purchase all that you want from Dailyhunt App without you experiencing the pinch. Just use your PayTM account and order your favourite books.


This cashback is applicable on buy one get free offers.  And what’s more, you can make multiple transactions and avail multiple cashbacks! So what are you waiting for? Add your favourite books to the cart and start purchasing using your PayTM account. Happy Reading!


11 thoughts on “Launching PayTM 100% Cashback Offer!

  1. Hi Daily Hunt Team,
    100% Cash Back – Not getting Severe Issue on Paytm 100% CashBack,
    Its not happenned ton single account, even i crosschecked with
    my friends and parents accounts. All accounts not getting cash back.
    Why you written 100% cash back in dailyhunt gateway???
    Even i raised review with 1* ( Single star with the issue)
    even i bit experienced on 12 days before , but that was minor . Now I did Transaction with my account and not got and crosschecked with friends accounts also but still same issue, till now i did not get any cash back for my ordered books.
    I checked throgh
    ->my brother account kalesh numer – —-183551 – Not got cash back 100% cash back in Paytm
    ->My friend mobile – Sami – Number – —-737140 – Not got cash back 100% cash back in Paytm
    TXN ID – 1074365421
    -> My parents number Amma – reg. number – —-46754 – Not got cash back 100% cash back in Paytm

    if it is not resolved i will add complaints in all complaint websites and Facebook account.

    Kindly resolve the issue

  2. I did a couple of purchase today using paytm, but no cash back received. Could you let me know what needs to be done for getting cash back. Thanks.

  3. Hey today I purchase a watch for my valentine from paytm though whitecashback and I got double side of cashback one in my paytm account and another one in my whitecashback. It is really awesome to buy with cashback offers.

  4. This is a sort of cheating. They will sell the 20rupees book for 49 rupees and if you pay through paytm they are promising 100% cash back. So once you get the cash back, you will order another book. This time it may be more than one. So if you are ordering two books and expecting the cash back. there will be no cash back this time. So they earned 98 rupees instead of 60 rupees.

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