Agatha Christie comes to Dailyhunt in style!


I remember some of the best times I spent during my childhood. Stealing cake from the kitchen or making a tent out of a bedsheet. But my fondest memories are of nights when I stayed up late because I was so immersed in a mystery written by Agatha Christie. That woman sure knew how to spin a tale and maybe that is why she is called the ‘Queen of Suspense.’ She had this uncanny ability to make characters come alive in the minds of the readers and the experience one had was less of reading a book and more of watching a movie reach its climax.

Well there’s good news for all those who grew up as immersed in and enthralled by the world of Hercule Poirot, Miss Jane Marple and Parker Pyne as me.

All the books and short stories written by Agatha Christie can now be found on Dailyhunt – The No. 1 mobile application for reading news and e-Books in all major Indian languages.

Some of Christie’s most famous books like The Murder at the Vicarage, The ABC Murders and The Murder on the Orient Express have been bought and downloaded by readers not just in English, but also in Hindi, Marathi and other popular Indian languages. In addition to these, you can also browse through a wide selection of other books like Death on the Nile (Parker Pyne short story), Peril at End House (Poirot Mystery), They do it with Mirrors (Miss Jane Marple Mystery) and many more. Amongst these titles are some of the rare publications that are probably not very well known but are as gripping at the others like The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metrolpolitan (Hercule Poirot Suspense), Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly.

While reading these books is an absolute pleasure, owning them and having them at one’s disposal to open and start reading at any time is an even bigger delight. That is why we would recommend buying these e-Books to all Agatha Christie fans! Get your e-book here. 



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