Dailyhunt Features in Condé Nast’s Make in India Magazine

make-in-indiaMake in India is the theme that is resonating with every Indian ever since Prime Minister Modi launched the ambitious campaign. Pride has filled the air even more now because of the celebration of Government of India’s Make in India Week To mark this occasion, Condé Nast,  the media company behind some of the highest quality magazines, websites and digital content nationally has launched a special edition Make in India‘ magazine.



With lot of pride, we share that your favorite app Dailyhunt  has been featured in the magazine !  The 200 page glossy magazine showcases the inspiring stories of the most illustrious  entrepreneurs who are at forefront Make In India story. It is a moment of great honor that our CEO Virendra Gupta also shared his thoughts in this special edition. He has expressed hope and confidence that Make in India would give competitive branding to Indian products and extend strategic strength to Indian companies when they play in the international markets.

Best wishes to Condé Nast India  in its continued endeavor to make more relevant and engaging content for Indian audience as India marches into bright future.

Click here to read this special magazine.



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