Why use old when new is better?

It’s time for change!


The Newshunt app has changed and the new upgraded version Dailyhunt is nothing less than a treat for readers! If you are ready to try the new version, click here and upgrade now. Why, you ask? Because the moment you upgrade from Newshunt to Dailyhunt, you open up a world of new features.

  • More than 13 languages to read: Dailyhunt has been updated with 15 languages now in which news and books are available for reading. Starting from the news section, you can mark your favourite topics or newspapers and get instant alerts about new posts or articles.
  • Save articles you want to read: You can save articles that you like and read them later without having to search for them. Many new newspapers have been added to the app, which are regularly updated with new content.
  • Add to cart feature for books: Book lovers are in for a veritable treat! The books section now has an ‘Add to Cart’ feature which allows you to keep adding books as and when you come across them and buy them later in one go.
  • Extra discount on books in cart: Another advantage of the cart is the extra 20% discount you get when you buy books through it. Now who wouldn’t like to save something extra? Also buying all your favourite books in one go is better than having to buy each of them individually, which is what Newshunt users have to currently do. If you’re convinced, click here to upgrade to Dailyhunt or keep reading on.
  • Sort and filter to find the right book: Another feature that makes searching for your favourite books easy is the sort filter through which you can filter a collection and get results based on your preferences such as new books, price low to high etc.
  • Pay per Chapter: If you are skeptical about buying a book, then we suggest you don’t. Instead buy just the first few chapters and start reading. Yes! Chapter wise billing is now possible with the upgraded Dailyhunt app.
  • Share books with friends: Once you finish a book and you feel that everyone should read this, you can like it and share it with your friends on social media or mail or WhatsApp.
  • Permanently delete books from library: You will also be glad to know that you can now delete a book permanently from your library which is a feature still not available for Newshunt users. Click here to upgrade to the latest version of the Dailyhunt app.
  • Never miss alerts with notification inbox: The Dailyhunt app also has a notification inbox where all your alerts and notifications get stored. So you will not miss any alerts about breaking news or about a mega discount sale.

The new features in Dailyhunt will make you fall in love with this app. Whether you choose this destination for books or news you will want to keep coming back. So why delay happiness by sticking to the older version. Upgrade now by clicking here. Trust us, this change is good!

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