Dailyhunt on Desktop: Download now for Windows 10


Dailyhunt serves millions of users daily, and our mission has never changed: to make it easier for people to enjoy the best content in their language, on any device.

With that in mind, we are proud to announce the Dailyhunt Desktop News App for Windows 10!

The Dailyhunt Universal Windows App is now available for download on Windows 10 desktops in an avatar not seen before. Read news and content in English and 14 Indian languages and from 600+ different sources. News, blogs, photo galleries and videos, are all available to you in an easy to use, full screen experience.


Click to download the Dailyhunt app for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store

Your experience on the Dailyhunt Desktop app for Windows 10 is personalized through a recommended news stream that learns from your reading behavior and suggests content that will enjoy reading.

Customize your app by choosing topics that interest you and in the order that you want. Add trending topics to your list and follow the latest news and read the latest content.

Want to use the app in your own language? You can change the entire app to function in your favorite language.

Bookmark stories that you wish to read later and find them all in one single screen in the Saved Stories section.

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for the Dailyhunt Desktop App. Send us your thoughts via the Feedback form (Settings > Feedback) or drop us a line at YourFriends@Dailyhunt.in.

Coming soon for Dailyhunt UWP: Windows 10 Mobile App, Dailyhunt Books & Dailyhunt Buzz!

Click here to download the Dailyhunt UWP Desktop App from the Windows Store.

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