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Speaking of sharing – we know you would like to express more, and with buzz we have made it easier for you to share your reaction to the buzz posts through emojis, and start conversations through comments.

screenshot_20160926-175137This is also an effort to mix our current product of a serious news app with lightweight-entertaining-content to grow Dailyhunt in becoming “the daily opened app” for local language content in all forms.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers day

Did you know that Mother’s Day has been celebrated for over two hundred years now? The first time that celebration of this event was recorded in history was during the years before the American Civil War. Ann Reeves Jarvis of West Virginia started a group which was called Mother’s Day Work Club. The sole purpose of this group was to educate women about taking better care of their children. During the days of the Civil War these groups became a unifying force in a country that was still divided. The first official Mother’s Day was held in the year 1868, organized by Jarvis, at which mothers gathered with the Union and Confederate soldiers to promote reconciliation of the war.

In 1990, Ann Reeve Jarvis’ daughter Anna Jarvis conceived the first Mother’s Day in 1905 as a way to honor the sacrifices of mothers who gave up their lives for the sake of their children. In 1908 she got financial backing from a local store owner named John Wanamaker and organized the first official

Mother’s Day in Grafton, West Virginia in a Methodist church. That same day thousands of people attended this celebration.Since that day, Mother’s Day has been celebrated in various forms across the world. In The United States, it has been declared as a holiday. Many people give flowers and gifts to their mothers or giving their mothers a day off.

Whatever the reason be behind the celebration, we salute the spirit of mothers.

Save your only home – The Earth

We are so often busy with our lives, wants and needs that we forget to give a thought or two about our one and only home – The Earth. This Earth Day here are some five easy ways to protect the our planet from getting damaged further.



  1. Turn it off – Once you are done with using appliances, lights etc do not forget to switch them off immediately. More often than not we charge our phones and leave the switches on even though we are done. Small and simple everyday changes will help save quite a lot. Encourage others around you to do the same. Use minimal lights in the mornings, try to soak in the natural lighting which is is good for your body and health.
  2. Every drop counts – We very often take water for granted. This is one resource which keeps us and the planet alive. With the current water crisis in the country, we need to make sure less water is wasted by us. Rain water harvesting is one way in which everyone can conserve water. Also in your daily chores like washing utensils and clothes make sure the water consumption remains optimal.
  3. Plant a tree – Plant more trees around you. We are cribbing about the scorching heat every summer and the temperature is ever soaring! The reason for this is lack of greenery around us. Keep small plants in your balcony near your window, this will keep the air fresh as plants release carbon dioxide. What’s more? The greenery and colorful flowers will your day a positive start.
  4. Food waste: Wasting food has become like a trend. Always cook enough to fill your stomach and not the garbage bin. Keep in mind to use vegetables and fruits before they start rotting. Food scarcity is one the biggest crisis the world is facing. Liking Facebook posts with pictures of hungry children will not help, but this definitely will!
  5. Carpool/Ride a cycle – Have you ever seen those people who drive huge cars and they are the only ones in the car? Well these people might think they are definitely living the ‘life’, but they fail to understand they are adding to existing damage already done to the planet. Try your best to carpool and for short distances use bicycles. Cycling will help you stay fit and your fuel money gets saved too!  

If you let it help, self-help really helps!

Have you ever seen anyone reading a self-help book and wondered why someone would want to read that? Many people say that reading self-help books is healing and very inspiring. It’s a good way to start your day and a good note on which to bid goodbye to the day.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should always have self-help books in your library.

  1. Your outlook towards the world becomes more positive: When you read true accounts of people who struggled and survived, or when you read motivational speeches, it leaves a lasting, inspiring effect. Making this a daily habit would be a great way to change your perspective from negative to positive.
  2. The quality of your decisions improves: It’s a proven fact that when you are in a happy state of mind you tend to make better decisions. A lot of self-help books come with exercises that help you apply what you have read. In this manner, your decision making ability and the quality of your decisions improve. You also get to understand the rationale behind your actions and how they can be improved.
  3. You learn how to challenge your limitations: Self-help books are all about challenging your limitations. When you read about people who have done tasks that were deemed impossible or you read books that are about personality development, public speaking or even about making friends, you understand areas in which you had been limiting yourself and how you can move beyond that.

If you have never had a penchant for self-help books, it is still not late to start. This genre, even though it falls into the serious category, can be a lot of fun. You can create projects that rocket your personal growth and help you map out a vision for your life. To get you started on this journey, we have prepared a list of the 20 best and popular self-help books. Check them out here!


Agatha Christie comes to Dailyhunt in style!


I remember some of the best times I spent during my childhood. Stealing cake from the kitchen or making a tent out of a bedsheet. But my fondest memories are of nights when I stayed up late because I was so immersed in a mystery written by Agatha Christie. That woman sure knew how to spin a tale and maybe that is why she is called the ‘Queen of Suspense.’ She had this uncanny ability to make characters come alive in the minds of the readers and the experience one had was less of reading a book and more of watching a movie reach its climax.

Well there’s good news for all those who grew up as immersed in and enthralled by the world of Hercule Poirot, Miss Jane Marple and Parker Pyne as me.

All the books and short stories written by Agatha Christie can now be found on Dailyhunt – The No. 1 mobile application for reading news and e-Books in all major Indian languages.

Some of Christie’s most famous books like The Murder at the Vicarage, The ABC Murders and The Murder on the Orient Express have been bought and downloaded by readers not just in English, but also in Hindi, Marathi and other popular Indian languages. In addition to these, you can also browse through a wide selection of other books like Death on the Nile (Parker Pyne short story), Peril at End House (Poirot Mystery), They do it with Mirrors (Miss Jane Marple Mystery) and many more. Amongst these titles are some of the rare publications that are probably not very well known but are as gripping at the others like The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metrolpolitan (Hercule Poirot Suspense), Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly.

While reading these books is an absolute pleasure, owning them and having them at one’s disposal to open and start reading at any time is an even bigger delight. That is why we would recommend buying these e-Books to all Agatha Christie fans! Get your e-book here. 



Launching PayTM 100% Cashback Offer!

So the number of books you want to purchase from Dailyhunt is increasing and the thought of it is making your pocket feel light. Worry not! The PayTM 100% cashback offer allows you to purchase all that you want from Dailyhunt App without you experiencing the pinch. Just use your PayTM account and order your favourite books.


This cashback is applicable on buy one get free offers.  And what’s more, you can make multiple transactions and avail multiple cashbacks! So what are you waiting for? Add your favourite books to the cart and start purchasing using your PayTM account. Happy Reading!


Lights, Colors and Bliss – Happy Diwali!


It’s that time of the year when our homes, the lanes and everything else is filled up with colors, lights and laughter. Diwali is a festival which is celebrated all over the country with fervor. Like always, we all deck up for the day, buy crackers in advance, keep a soda bottle ready to launch those rockets, decorate our homes with lights and of course how can we forget the mouth-watering food. This Diwali, Dailyhunt urges you to do something different from the usual, something unusual which will fill your heart with happiness.

Start off by donating. In our daily chores and routine, we often tend to forget about the less privileged. Festivals are great reminders of being selfless. Go ahead and choose your method of donating. It could be as simple as sponsoring a sumptuous meal on Diwali. You can also donate clothes, gifts and many other things as part of this practice.

We spend quite a lot on crackers and the joy we experience when we see our kids enjoying the lights and crackers is priceless. But have you ever thought about those who just get to watch and never get to experience these little joys? Celebrate Diwali with other little less privileged kids. When you see the happiness and smiles on their faces, your happiness will grow tenfold.

Today’s world is about being more absorbed in your own life and family. Make sure this Diwali you invite your relatives and friends over and have a good time with them. Remember, festivals are supposed to be bringing people closer and strengthen bonds.

When it comes to gifting, go for organic or reusable things. Rather than buying something which will never be used. Also try buying from organisations which help the less privileged, by doing so you are helping them and bringing joy into their lives as well. You can always give your loved ones intangible gifts as well. Avid readers can be given books. All you need to do is install the Dailyhunt app and download books for them.

Fill this festive season with joy and goodness. And don’t go slow on those sweets and snacks! Happy Diwali! May you be blessed with happiness and success in abundance.

Namaste Nepal!


Dailyhunt has always striven to touch the hearts of readers of as many languages in as many countries as possible, thus erasing borders and connecting readers. We are thrilled to announce the addition of a Nepal edition on our app!

We are bringing five news providers including Nepali Headlines, Nepali Blogger, Online Khabar,  नेपाली हेडलाइंस , ऑन लाइन खबर Many more to come. Thus, the next time when you desire to read the latest announcements from Prime Minister Oli or check out the new artistic adventure of Shrestha and Acharya or simply find out what Rajesh Jamal is up to, look no further – just open your favorite app Dailyhunt !

We are always excited to hear from our readers. We would love to learn what more you want to read and how we can make the app more enjoyable for you. So please do not hesitate to write to


Namaste Dailyhunt

Five years ago we started NewsHunt with a goal of bringing regional language content in hands of Indian mobile users.

Since then we have grown to be the largest news and ebooks application in the country. What started with solving technology problem for local language news has grown into solutions for ebooks, magazines and comics.

We now serve millions of users, but our mission has never changed: to make it easier for people to enjoy the best content in their language, on any device.

Today we are introducing our next avatar of NewsHunt – now called Dailyhunt

Dailyhunt is everything you’ve loved about NewsHunt and more – the app is now in your language. It is cleaner with richer viewing experience and with a ton of new features to help you discover and read articles, books, comics and more.

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What’s new in Dailyhunt:

New design: We’ve created a beautiful interface focused on making the experience of reading lighter, cleaner and without distractions. The UI is in your language making the experience native for your consumption

Personalized streams: The beauty is not just skin deep, the experience is personalized through a recommended news stream that learns from your reading behavior and suggests content in the form of news, books, and videos.

Favorites: Tag your favorite topics and sources for easy access and better personalized news stream. Topics range from local news, technology, travel to recipes in your language.

Buy Individual chapters: Select books are now available for sale with option to buy individual chapters. A much requested feature both by our readers & publishers. More books with individual chapter sales are being added every day. Dailyhunt chapter wise billing

New languages: Welcome, आईं ना(bhojpuri) readers. Assamese, Sindhi and Nepali coming next.

New Countries: We are thrilled to now serve Srilanka, & UAE There is a lot more to come, and we hope you find the new Dailyhunt as exciting as we do.


Thank you for your continued support over the years. We love to hear from you. Please let us know if we could be doing better with our product (or anything else for that matter :))

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