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आज ही उठायें PayTM Cashback का लाभ!

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Namaste Dailyhunt

Five years ago we started NewsHunt with a goal of bringing regional language content in hands of Indian mobile users.

Since then we have grown to be the largest news and ebooks application in the country. What started with solving technology problem for local language news has grown into solutions for ebooks, magazines and comics.

We now serve millions of users, but our mission has never changed: to make it easier for people to enjoy the best content in their language, on any device.

Today we are introducing our next avatar of NewsHunt – now called Dailyhunt

Dailyhunt is everything you’ve loved about NewsHunt and more – the app is now in your language. It is cleaner with richer viewing experience and with a ton of new features to help you discover and read articles, books, comics and more.

Get your updated version now for Android. Updates for iPhone/iPad & Windows phone are coming soon.

What’s new in Dailyhunt:

New design: We’ve created a beautiful interface focused on making the experience of reading lighter, cleaner and without distractions. The UI is in your language making the experience native for your consumption

Personalized streams: The beauty is not just skin deep, the experience is personalized through a recommended news stream that learns from your reading behavior and suggests content in the form of news, books, and videos.

Favorites: Tag your favorite topics and sources for easy access and better personalized news stream. Topics range from local news, technology, travel to recipes in your language.

Buy Individual chapters: Select books are now available for sale with option to buy individual chapters. A much requested feature both by our readers & publishers. More books with individual chapter sales are being added every day. Dailyhunt chapter wise billing

New languages: Welcome, आईं ना(bhojpuri) readers. Assamese, Sindhi and Nepali coming next.

New Countries: We are thrilled to now serve Srilanka, & UAE There is a lot more to come, and we hope you find the new Dailyhunt as exciting as we do.


Thank you for your continued support over the years. We love to hear from you. Please let us know if we could be doing better with our product (or anything else for that matter :))

Download Dailyhunt now for Android

– The entire Dailyhunt team